Patrick Gibson

Having just started 6th year, Patrick Gibson is focusing on his studies for the moment, but his passion for acting, film and music is sure to lead him in an exciting direction once he has secured his Leaving Cert. He finds himself inspired by wunderkid filmmaker Harmony Korine, who wrote his debut screenplay at the age of 17. “Whenever I hear myself think I can’t achieve something because I’m too young I think about what he did and it shuts me up pretty quickly!” As a child, Patrick’s first role was in a short film called ‘Bye Bye Inkhead’. He found himself instantly hooked on acting and has since appeared in Anner House, Primeval, The Tudors and RTE’s The Importance of Being Whatever.  What Richard Did felt like a very different project from the very beginning. “From my first reading of the script the most noticeable thing was the realism and sensitivity to the concept that I think Malcolm and Lenny communicate really well. I was actually really surprised by how accurate Malcolm’s view of young people in Ireland was, especially as he didn’t grow up here. I think it’s that kind of detailed research that can create such a vivid world.” Patrick plays Jake in What Richard Did, a babyfaced charmer with a flair for magic tricks. Magic is a real hobby of Patrick’s and he loved getting the opportunity to work a little bit of himself into the character. “I try to keep my interests really broad so when the opportunity arises to do a particular character you already have something in common with them. I get a huge amount of enjoyment from that so it’s a real bonus to acting.”