Jack Reynor

Born in Colarado but resident in Ireland since he was two, Jack Reynor first got excited about acting when he was cast as an alter boy in Kevin Liddy’s Country in 1999. Jack was a mere six years old. Later, he attended Belvedere College in Dublin and took part in a number of school productions before playing Robbie in Kirsten Sheridan’s 2011 feature Dollhouse. Dollhouse involved a lot of improvisation and Jack was happy to find that preparations for Lenny’s Abrahamson’s What Richard Did similarly required improvisational workshopping. “That’s the brilliant thing about working with Lenny, he trusts the people he works with so much and wants it to be a collaborative effort. So we invested a lot of experiences into it and things we knew about the society we’d grown up in. We invested a lot of ourselves into the film. In a way, I think that’s why it feels so natural.” Eschewing college with the intention of following a career in acting, Reynor is hopeful and excited for the future. “It’s not particularly easy…You spend a lot of your time sitting around on your arse waiting for a phone call. But it’s rewarding, I love it. There’s nothing else I’d want to do.” No doubt Reynor won’t be waiting by the phone for long. See Jack Reynor as Richard in What Richard Did in Irish cinemas October 5th.